10 Gifs every Author can relate to

Self Publishing is tedious job and Authors go through many situations while publishing their book. Here are 10 Gifs every author can relate to.

1.When your book goes live

After finishing all the work, your book is live on online book stores.

2. First copy sold

You just sold the first copy of your book.

3. When you get a positive review

When you received the first positive review on Amazon.


4. No books sold from last 30 days

When you have not sold a single copy from a month.

5. Getting a negative review

When you received the first negative review of your book.



When you are enrolled in Nano writing month.


7. When you are in a meeting with publisher

When you are in a meeting with a publisher and trying to explain your story.


8. And when publisher rejects your work

And when the publisher is unable to understand your work and denies to publish.


9. When Book promotion did not work

When you paid for book promotion and it did not work out according to your expectations.


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10. When book promotion worked in KDP Select

When your book is available for free download on amazon and thousands of people are downloading it.

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